This is intended to be a faithfull reimplementation of an old C=64 game "Crillion".

Here are two screenshots. The one on the left is from the original game (taken with vice), the other one is from the current status of the game (as of Dec/2005).

game       Current status

This game is quite finished. Some parts of the game could do with better error handling, but it runs very well.

A few things are still missing:

If you can help with any of that, Feel free to contact me.

Unix(Linux/*BSD) users should compile from source. Windows users can download the precompiled .exe.
The files for rebuilding the Windows binary are available via CVS.

Make sure to visit the project page, to actually get all this and more ;-)
If you encounter any portability problems, be sure to notify me, as I want to fix them.

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